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The Mail Center coordinates the delivery of mail to students. Every full-time student is assigned a mailbox in Farinon Center. We try to maintain the same box for your entire enrollment at the College.

The correct address format for incoming student mail is:

Student’s Name
Box ______, Lafayette College
111 Quad Drive
Easton, PA Zip Code*
*Zipcode: For box numbers 7000-8299, use 18042-1783; for box numbers 8300-9699, use 18042-1784


Each student is provided a key to his/her mailbox at the beginning of the first year. That key is the responsibility of the student for his/her entire stay at Lafayette College. Students who do not have their keys when they go to check their mail may be provided with their mail if they show an appropriate picture ID. This accommodation will only be made once per academic year. If a student loses the mailbox key, a $10 charge for a replacement key will be assessed.

Seniors must return their mailbox key by the Friday before senior week, to the Campus Post Office, or they will be charged a fee.


Students will receive a slip in their mailboxes when they receive a package. Packages may be picked up during open hours by presenting that slip at the Mail Center window. Accountable mail (Express, Certified, Insured, and Registered mail) also may be picked up with a similar slip and must be signed for by the recipient. To claim both packages and accountable mail, proper picture ID is required. Packages MUST be claimed as soon as possible. They will be returned to sender after 7 days.


Students receiving daily newspapers (hometown, Financial Times, etc.), should collect their mail daily. Since the mailboxes are of limited size, the Mail Center can place only two days’ worth of newspapers in any mailbox. On the third day and until the box is emptied, the newspaper will not be delivered; instead, it will be recycled.


Before departing the College for summer, all students must do one of the following:

  • Fill out a forwarding card to have your mail forwarded home; or
  • Fill out a card to have your mail placed in your mailbox.

The student mailboxes are generally inactive for the summer months. You must inform us on how to handle your mail by submitting one of the two above cards; if not, all mail will be returned to the sender.

Outgoing Mail:
USPS: The Mail Center can assist students in sending mail via the United States Postal Service (USPS) through the following services:

United States Postal Service (USPS) Services and Definitions

1. First Class Mail – Letters and Packages
2. Priority Mailmailbox841860_600x600
3. Express Mail (overnight service to select locations)
4. Certified Mail
5. Insured Mail
6. Return Receipt
7. International Mail
8. International Express Mail (usually three to five business days)
9. Global Priority Mail
10. Money Orders (cash only)
11. Postage Stamps (Stamps are available for purchase at the Mail Center. Orders for large quantities or unusual amounts should be placed one month in advance.)

First Class Mail

A class of mail that includes all matter wholly or partly in writing or typewriting, all actual and personal correspondence, all bills and statements of account, and all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection. First Class Mail comprises three subclasses: postcards, letters and sealed parcels, and Priority Mail. Any mailable matter may be sent as First Class Mail.

Priority Mail

First Class Mail that weighs more than 13 ounces and, at the mailer’s option, any other mail matter weighing 13 ounces or less. Priority Mail provides expedited delivery. Any mailable matter may be sent as Priority Mail. All Priority Mail must be handed to the window clerk. You cannot place Priority Mail in a USPS Mailbox.

Express Mail

A mail class that provides expedited delivery service for mailable matter subject to certain standards. Express Mail International Service is available between the United States and most foreign countries. Must be at the college’s Mail Center by 1 p.m.

Certified Mail

A service that provides the sender with a mailing receipt. A record of delivery is kept at the post office of address. This type of mail must be sent at First Class Mail or Priority Mail rates. Certified mail may be combined with return receipt service.

Insured Mail

A service that provides indemnity coverage for a lost, rifled, or damaged article, subject to the standards for the service and payment of the applicable fee.

Return Receipt

The mailing card (Form 3811 for domestic mail) signed by the addressee of an article and mailed back to the sender as evidence of delivery. This supplemental mail service is available for a fee when using Express Mail or certified mail or mail insured for more than $50.00.

International Mail

Mail originating in one country with a destination in another. If your international mail has a hand-written customs declarations, it cannot be accepted at the Lafayette College Campus Post Office; it must brought to the downtown Easton branch of the Post Office.  If you wish to send your mail from the Campus Post Office located in the Farinon Center, you must complete your customs form online ( form), print it out, and bring it with you to Farinon. After printing out the required customs forms, the shipment can be brought to the Campus Post Office for postage and mailing.

Money Orders

Are available for your convenience (cash only), Monday-Friday until 2 p.m. A fee is charged per money order.

Postage Stamp

A gummed or self-adhesive paper stamp affixed to mail as payment for postal services. Stamps are available for purchase for individual or office use.

Inter-Campus Mail

Mail for student mailboxes must be properly addressed with the name and box number. For mass mailings, the Mail Center will insert them into mailboxes two (2) days after receipt. No items smaller than a postcard will be accepted. Single full-sheet items must be tri-folded and half-sheet items must be folded in half.

Contact Information

Lafayette College Post Office
Farinon Student Center, Lower Level
(610) 330-5350


Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.-noon (during academic year)


December-19th, 26th